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okay [02 Sep 2003|11:06pm]
I made a new journal


it'll be friends only. just add me to ur friends list and i'll add you back

bye bye insanecowgurl *waves*

omigosh [02 Sep 2003|10:36pm]
i want to do zac even more now.

Zac + Muscle Shirt = Floodage
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woo [02 Sep 2003|07:27pm]
So I got Red Wild and blue tickets today
someone brought them up to work, probably Teri, her husband works for those stations lol so WOO FUCKING HOO I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED <3
i get to see Hillary duff <3 and Amanda Perez, Smash Mouth, Mercy Me, Sugar Ray .
now just have to find someone to go hah
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yay [02 Sep 2003|11:55am]
Hanson.net posted the HCL list :D :D

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hm [02 Sep 2003|01:35am]
my icons amuse me.
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oh.. my ... god.. [02 Sep 2003|12:17am]
I just got done watching Tom Green.

*humps television*

Can I just do Zac once? just once is all i ask. Hotness, his ass is like.. perfect. And when you could see his nipples in the shirt... *melts* I want to jump him again <3 I now understand why i jumped him the first time.

Me and michelle are going to have our own talk show, and Zac will do the interview while I'm in his lap raping him.
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[01 Sep 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]

rockerball: i'm all pimped out
rockerball: in my mtv hoodie
rockerball: lksdfj
rockerball: ashfaha
rockerball: ha
rockerball: pimped
rockerball: i love that word
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: i fo
rockerball: do
rockerball: zac
rockerball: nm
rockerball: he's my customer
OoOo l3aby: .......
rockerball: he comes to me all the time
rockerball: tay is my pimp
rockerball: he sells me to zac
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: sell mse to zac
rockerball: zac babysits for a day
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: its true *nods*
rockerball: i'm actually pregnant
rockerball: thats why i'm chubby
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: me and zacs wedding is set for november 3rd
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: yep
OoOo l3aby: why nov. 3rd
rockerball: u watch
rockerball: because, they didn't want to do it on his birhtday
rockerball: that'd be too obvious
OoOo l3aby: lmao
rockerball: u can come if u want
OoOo l3aby: yay

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soo [01 Sep 2003|05:39pm]
its Labor Day
supposed to be all sunny and hot.
well... it's cold and rainy
i'm in a hoodie right now, what isn't right about this?

Lauren should be home tonite. She was like.. in a really bad accident yesterday :( She's not hurt though (thank goodness) But now we will be taking my car to Austin/Houston/New Orleans, which I don't mind :)
2 weeks from today is Dallas, i'm excited :) hehehehh yayayaya
This coldness is making me tired *falls over*
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oh yea baby [31 Aug 2003|12:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Guess who got her popcorn chicken?
I have to leave in like... 20 min to get Lacy.. I'm not dressed, no makeup, my hair's not done..
oh well, So I might be a little late, I have shit to get together *dances*
I got a letter from the IRS today *eek* apparently something was missing from my online tax return. All I have to do is sign some sheet and send it back though, nothing to horrible
k, i'm gonna go now

(ps look at my mood, I'M THE HANSON.NET WEBMASTER MAN!)

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wee [31 Aug 2003|07:39am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So I met Heather (millionxsighs) and her mom and sister yesterday. They are totally awesome :D I'm totally psyched for SLC *claps* We saw freaky friday then went to eat at Golden Corral!

Friday i saw Freddy vs Jason again with Alicia! lol I felt liek sucha loser, i left straight from work, and didn't have any decent clothes, so I had to borrow a Bra (i had on a halter, and no way was i going in public with it), and a shirt, and some of her make up haha but she loves me, so thats okay heh

Today is promoting promoting promoting! we'll see how many people actually show up lol

I'm waiting for KFC to open I WANT THE POPCORN CHICKEN

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omigosh [30 Aug 2003|01:17am]

he's a daddy....
aww *sniffs*
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[30 Aug 2003|12:55am]
[ mood | horny ]

Michelle37822: if they do ill snort just for you seeing as how its the thing
Rockerball: lmao okay
Rockerball: either way
Rockerball: i'd MAKE you snort
Michelle37822: ill be the dork again :-)
Rockerball: so lol u'll snort
Michelle37822: LMAO no you wouldent
Rockerball: yes i would
Michelle37822: i made my self snort last time cause i tripped
Rockerball: all i'd have to say is "she's the one who snorted'
Rockerball: and u'd start
Michelle37822: LOL no
Rockerball: oh yes
Michelle37822: youd have to be funnier
Rockerball: no i wouldn't
Rockerball: lmao
Rockerball: fine
Rockerball: i'd jump zac again
Rockerball: and hump him
Michelle37822: LMAO that might work...lol
Michelle37822: they wopuld so kick you out j/k
Michelle37822: id try not to hump the ike...j/k
Rockerball: lmao
Michelle37822: lol i luv him
rockerball wants to directly connect.
Michelle37822 is now directly connected.
Rockerball: thats what i'm doing to zac
Michelle37822: LMAO :-) i think you can do better than that
Rockerball: oh i can
Rockerball: like.. knock him over
Michelle37822: i know u can!
Rockerball: and land on his bologna pony
Michelle37822: LOL
Rockerball: and get pregnant
Rockerball: and married
Rockerball: <3
Michelle37822: lol i thought you were gonna try to rub up on it next time you hug him to see if its big or not
Rockerball: oh i will
Rockerball: i will, give me time
Rockerball: i'm slowly working my way there
Michelle37822: LMAO :-)
Rockerball: it started out with not talking to him, AT ALL
Rockerball: just him sitting there smiling at me
Rockerball: to him telling me he's coming over (and never showing up, typical male)
Rockerball: jumping him
Michelle37822: lol :-) see i moved fast i had to snort j/k
Rockerball: feeling him
Rockerball: then humping him
Michelle37822: lol
Rockerball: i will hump the zac
Michelle37822: i so hope we have fun in slc
Rockerball: lmao we will
Rockerball: oh we will


new tattooo!! [29 Aug 2003|11:32pm]
i got it today

i'll get a better pic later
i have no one to take it for me :(
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soo [29 Aug 2003|05:56pm]
Today has been a GOOD day
I got my Hanson Symbol tattoo today! yayay
i'l post a pic of it when I get one! :)
I went to kfc

Anddddddd Me and Alicia are going to see Freddy vs Jason! yay i haven't seen her in a long time@
aksjf go me go me
i ordered my Austin ticket, and lauren's as well
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lmao [29 Aug 2003|12:29pm]

Rockerball: i have all my tix for the tour ordered!
EmiRose428: grrrrr
EmiRose428: take me with you :-(
Rockerball: okay
Rockerball: :-)
EmiRose428: draw a cardboard person of me
EmiRose428: and drag it along
EmiRose428: hAHHAH
Rockerball: LMFAO
EmiRose428: I can so totally see you doing that lollll
Rockerball: and stand u next to meduring the show
EmiRose428: and it's funny
EmiRose428: YEAH
EmiRose428: hAHAHAH
EmiRose428: and when people jump
EmiRose428: you can make me jump too

[29 Aug 2003|12:04pm]
so the vma's last nite.. kinda sucked
Xtina did awesome though <3 i want to be her lol (minus kissing madonna)
speaking of which...
britney = sucks ass
she really needs to just never sing again, dance her heart out, cuz she can do that at least.

it just must be said [29 Aug 2003|01:55am]
that I can not BELIEVE some people....
I have never been so shocked and upset by someone in my life. or had more hate for someone.
just totally wrong...and there is NO reason for it
you should NEVER pick a band over your friends.....ever..
a;lskdjf ugh k i'm done :)
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welp [28 Aug 2003|04:55pm]
so me and laura went a promoted a bit today. Not bad I guess haha
I got my Hanson Dallas Ticket in the mail today *yayayayay* hehe
tomorrow i'm ordering my other ticket,and hopefully getting my new tattoo *does a dance*
we close on the house tuesday, so we'll get our money so NO MORE CARE PAYMENTS EVER *SCREAMS FROM HAPPINESS*
um.. yea, thats all
i'm stupid :) bye
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and.. [26 Aug 2003|06:20pm]
I have learned my lesson
when I go to the other shows
u can't even imagine
i'm like a walking Dr Pepper can *pouts* this sucks
i can't hold my arms up because it hurts my shoulders
it hurts just to wear regular shirts
but i did anyway, i'll suffer to wear my pretty new hanson shirt *shows it off*
lmao yea, anyway
i'm at work right now, not supposed to be on any other sites, but oh well. this is the first free moment i've had
we had like.. maniac storms come through dfw so we've been hella busy *phew*
anyway, yea, i can't wiat to get home and check my email lmao
i'm such a loser

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so yea.. [26 Aug 2003|06:09pm]
i've gotten about 3 calls today from ppl...
apparently i am the Head Chairperson (or whatever its called) of the Texas Hanson Street Team.

That is something I definitly didn't expect. I'm still in shock. lol I'll probably squeal when I actually get to READ the email haha
I'm such a nerd
but Laura (txcheerqt) is assistant for texas (YAY FOR LAURA!) and alicia and tara made the street team too! (at least i think tara did..she's the first person who told me about it lmao)
i'm excited :)
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